HookeRoad Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack Double Cab for 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Gen 2/3

Hooke Road Double Cab Roof Rack(05-23 Toyota Tacoma Gen 2/3)

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Hooke Road Installation Manual

Name: Hooke Road Discovery Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Roof Rack


    • Fit 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Gen 2/3 Double Cab Models
    • Weight: About 60 lbs
    • Carrying Capacity(Evenly Distributed) of up to 330 Pounds
    • Compatible with The Rear Car Antenna
    • Equipped with 4 Lifting Shoulder Eye Bolts Kit for Straps to Secure Load
    • Improved Aerodynamic Design with Upgraded Rubber Strip, Significantly Reduces Air Resistance and Wind Noise
    • Comes with a High Power 100W LED Spotlight Bar(Length: About 21.3 Inches)
    • Provides Extra Exterior Cargo Space
    • Reduce Air Resistance and Wind Noise Significantly by Improving Aerodynamic Structural Design of the Tacoma Roof Rack
    • Heavy-Duty, High Tensile Maximum 11-Gauge(1/8 Inch) Steel Construction
    • Textured Black Powder Coat Finish
    • Simple Bolt-On Installation. No Drilling or Modification Required

    Package Included

    • 1 x Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack w/a rubber stripping
    • 4 x Mounting Brackets
    • 1 x LED Spotlight Bar
    • Mounting Hardware


    Manual Measure. There is a little bit of difference. Just for Reference.

    Excellent Extra Storage Space. When extra cargo space is absolutely needed, you can rely on this  Track Rack. It provides a large space for all those extra gear you need to bring along in your next road trip or trail adventure. With its secure design, you can place your cargo on it with great confidence.


    Durable Steel Construction. This Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack is built from heavy-duty Maximum 11-gauge(1/8 Inch) steel to ensure maximum durability against heavy loads. The Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack is coated with a durable black powder coating to ensure lasting protection against corrosion.


    E-Coating Process. E-coat systems can deliver a wide range of lacquer and paint finishes with a combination of state-of-the-art performance and decorative effects.  The product percent of pass reaches 100% after the salt spray test.


    Simple to Install. First, assemble all the components to be a roof rack. Secondly, lift the Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack up to the roof of the vehicle. Then install the mounting bracket onto the roof and connect them with the roof rack. After adjusting the position of the rack, tighten up all the bolts lastly. You should expect to take up to 1.5 hours installing this unit, based on your level of mechanical skills. Some basic hand tools are required.


    SEMA Membership. We has been certified as a member of SEMA. We are studious and gradually grow up to be a professional aftermarket retailer. As a SEMA member, we make, buy, sell and use all kinds of specialty parts and accessories to make vehicles more attractive, more unique, more convenient, faster, safer, more fun, and even like-new again. Wish you have a terrific off-road experience with our products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Vincent Carter
    Roof rack that whistles while it works

    Sturdy a lot stronger than I was expecting. There are small cut outs in the middle of the crossbars that I noticed after we put it all together and mounted it. I have whistling so I am going to first switch those to all face the back of the truck so wish me luck. Please add to instructions a call out stating which way they mount I will post an update if the whistling stops but it's driving me insane so has to be fixed.

    We're sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    Nathaniel Kindred
    Fantastic Roof Rack

    I've had this roof rack for 2+ years. Super sturdy and holds the weight of a family of 4. LOL!
    I've got a bit of a lead foot and have experienced the vibrations I've read in other's comments. Won't lie, It scared the hell out of me the first time it started vibrating at about 80MPH. I've tightened everything up a few times, even tapped the front of the rack down to touching the cab... And BAM! No more vibrations. The last time it thought about vibrating, I was do 80+ MPH and had about 35-45 head wind... So, I was good to do at least 110MPH :)
    Overall, Great product and great customer service! Thanks Hooke Road! I'm going to be getting another one soon for my new Truck!

    Thank you for your affirmation, we will do better with your support!

    Catherine Atuhe

    Overall I like the sturdiness and look, BUT what made me give it this score is the fact that when I hit 60mph, it starts to rattle and vibrate vigorously (watch and listen to the video). Just installed it this afternoon with a friend and took it for a drive tonight. I can't go any faster than 60mph without that loud vibration. If there is a way to fix this problem, please let this bruddah know. If not, I have to take it off and return it. Not worth dealing with that rumbling up top.UPDATE 01.28.2022I'd like to take back the 1 star because I really like the look and sturdiness of this rack. So I did some research and found some solutions to the problem noted above. I accept the fact that any rack that goes up, will make some kind of loud noise. This rack probably could have been good without the slots up front and top as I assume that's where the air noise is coming from. I went to Lowe's to get those pipe cushions to fill in the gaps as much as I could stuff it (it's unnoticeable really) and I tested these cushions and wrapped the first cross bar, which when I hit tap it, it vibrates BAD! I ordered those crossbar cushions and still waiting for it. I drove on the freeway at 60 65mph and no more vibration like you heard in the video and the wind tunnel noise was reduced greatly. Noise is at a comfortable level of 30% like when you sleep on a plane. We'll see in the coming weeks. I'm hoping for the best because like I said, I like the look and style. Three stars only because I had to go through all this and the noise of course.

    Ric Sheridan
    Exceptional quality and value

    Easy to install, even by an old geezer..Why pay hundreds more when you can get this quality at a much lower price? ...and spend your savings on the next mod you have in mind.

    Thank you for your affirmation, we will do better with your support!
    Have a nice day!

    Aseem Cheema
    Good quality, looks great. Doesn’t support the Dessert Air Intake, that comes installed on 2019 T...

    Good quality, looks great. Doesn’t support the Dessert Air Intake, that comes installed on 2019 TRD Pro. I had to drill in the rack to attach the DAI to the rack.

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