How to install the HD Rear Bumper?

How to install the HD Rear Bumper?

Today we're taking a look at this barricade HD rear bumper in textured black for all 2006-2014 Ford F150.

Why do we need the HD Rear Bumper?

If you're looking to upgrade and protect the rear end of your truck, while also looking for some more aggressive styling, you really should check it out. As well now this bumper is really the perfect complement for the barricade. HD front bumper that we offer as well both in terms of styling and both front and rear protection. It completes the look, especially if you want to get rid of any chrome on your truck, which is also a trendy look these days. Overall, it will give your truck a truly tough off-road-ready appearance.

What are the benefits of the HD Rear Bumper?

I think what really adds to this aggressive styling is the angular design of this bumper. I think it's quite attractive personally and the rear end protection of the bumper also looks upgraded. This comes from the high tensile 11-gauge(1/8 Inch) steel that this bumper is made of, and of course it's finished with a durable textured black powder coat.

Barricades have paid great attention to detail in the design of this bumper. Some of the things you had to transfer from the factory bumper, such as the trailer hitch harness plug, license plate lights, and backup sensors are all installed in this new bumper. Transferring them over is quick and easy. The cutouts for these items are precisely machined so these items, like your license plate lights, can snap right into place.

Another handy feature of this design are these notches in the corners of the bumper where you can climb onto the truck's bed. They provide this kind of raised perforated whole set of holes here on each step, which will provide better traction in slippery conditions.

How to install the HD Rear Bumper?

As far as installation goes, looking at the basic third wrench on the difficulty meter gives yourself about two hours to do the job. So let's take a look at the tools you'll need before proceeding with the installation. The tools we will use for this installation include 19mm Socket Wrench, 21mm Socket Wrench and 4mm HEX Socket Wrench.

1.Install the Part ”C” into the car with the original bolts.

2. Assemble the Part ”A”, Part “B” with those bolts ( I,J,K,L ).

3. Install the Bumper into the car with those bolts (I,J,K,L).

Notes: Tighten those bolts after adjusting the height of the bumper totally.

4.Install the LED light which we provide and the Part “D” with those bolts(H).

Upgrade your Ford F150 with the Barricade HD Rear Bumper. Made of durable 11-gauge steel, it offers aggressive styling, rear-end protection, and easy installation. Complete the look with the Barricade HD front bumper for a tough off-road-ready appearance.

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