How to remove 2022 Bronco OEM Side Step and install Aftermarket Side Steps?

How to remove 2022 Bronco OEM Side Step and install Aftermarket Side S

Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade the look of your Bronco? Installing an aftermarket side step is a great option! Not only does it provide a more rugged and sporty look, but it also gives you a convenient step for getting in and out of your vehicle.

 1. Remove your factory side steps

  • Park the vehicle on level ground and place wheel chocks behind the rear wheels.
  • Locate the two side step mounting brackets at the front and rear of each side steps.


  • Unscrew the mounting bolts using either a ratchet and socket or an open-ended wrench, depending on the type of bolt used.




  • Kindly notice that the 13 millimeter is the size you need to remove the OEM running boards.


  • Remove the side steps.
  • Remove the rear side mounting bracket of the original car


  • Clean the area around the mounting brackets.
  • Apply a thin layer of rust-inhibiting primer to the mounting area, if needed.

Here is the relevant reference video (creator: @OurBroncoLife)

2. Install aftermarket side steps

Now you have successfully removedyour factory side step, ready to install Hooke Road Aftermarket Side Step.

  • Install the passenger side step into your vehicle with the Hex Bolts (M8*25), Flat Washer (M8*22*2), Split Lock Washer (M8), Flange Hex Lock Nuts (M8), Hex Bolts (M10*25), Flat Washer (M10*30*2), Split Lock Washer (M10)




  • Repeat the above installation steps in the driver side.The installation is complete. We hope you enjoy a wonderful off-road lifewith this quality Hooke Road product!


If you follow these steps, you should have no trouble installing your Bronco aftermarket side step. It is important to take your time and follow all of the instructions carefully. With the right tools and a little bit of patience, you can give your Bronco a great new look in no time! At Hooke Road Brands, we offer a wide selection of aftermarket accessories for your Bronco. All of our products are made of high-quality materials and feature a stylish design to match your Bronco’s exterior.

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