The most versatile roof rack for Ford Bronco

The most versatile roof rack for Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a popular off-road vehicle known for its powerful performance and versatility. For owners of the Ford Bronco, a multi-functional Ford Bronco roof rack offers added convenience and flexibility.

Product Overview

This Ford Bronco roof rack is specifically designed for the 4-door hardtop models. It features a robust load-carrying capacity, evenly distributed up to 800 pounds. The roof rack is equipped with two upward-facing T-slot channels, providing a variety of tie-down options for securing cargo safely. It also allows for the addition of accessories such as lights, a roof-top tent, a shower system, recovery boards, fuel containers, a spare tire, a bicycle rack, and more.

Versatile Design

This Ford Bronco roof rack allows for easy removal of the front and middle roof panels, providing ventilation and enhancing the off-road experience. With a weight of approximately 62 pounds and dimensions of 47.6 inches wide and 101.9 inches long, it increases the vehicle's height by about 4.5 inches. The side panels and front/rear plates are constructed with high-strength 13-gauge steel (3/32 inches), featuring a textured black powder coat finish and premium electroplating for durability.

Easy Installation

This Ford Bronco roof rack is designed for direct bolt-on installation, utilizing the factory mounting points. No cutting or modifications are required, making the installation process simple and straightforward. The package includes roof rack assembly components, installation brackets, a hardware kit, and installation instructions.

Adaptability and Compatibility

The roof rack is compatible with different configurations of the Ford Bronco, making it suitable for various model years. Specifically designed for the 4-door hardtop models, this roof rack provides convenience and versatility for Bronco owners.

The multi-functional Ford Bronco roof rack designed for the 4-door hardtop models offers impressive load-carrying capacity, ease of installation, and a versatile design. Its adaptability and compatibility make it an ideal accessory for Ford Bronco owners. Whether you need to transport gear, equipment, or other items, this Ford Bronco roof rack meets your needs and enhances the functionality of your vehicle.

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