HookeRoad Toyota Stubby Front Bumper w/Winch Plate for 2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner

Hooke Road Stubby Front Bumper w/Winch Plate(10-20 Toyota 4Runner)

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Hooke Road Installation Manual

Name: Hooke Road Stubby Front Bumper w/Winch Plate & LED Spotlights for?2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner

  • Fits 2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner Models
  • Bumper weight: about 86 lbs
  • Comes with a winch plate – only fits advanced wireless remote operate winch without a manual clutch handle. Rated up to 12,000 pounds.
  • Stubby Front Bumper
  • Replaces 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner factory center section of the bumper
  • Angled bullbar for radiator protection
  • Constructed of 8-gauge(11/64 inch), 10-gauge(9/64 inch) steel
  • Quality dual finish: texture black coated finish on the surface
  • 9500 lbs rated, 3/4'' D-rings included
  • 2 x 18w LED spotlights included
  • D-rings w/ rubber rings to provide extra protection against abrasion
  • Moderate bolt-on installation & Needs Some Cutting
Package Included
  • 1 x Toyota 4Runner Stubby Front Bumper w/Winch Plate
  • 2 x 18w LED spotlights
  • 2 x D-rings
  • Mounting Hardware

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Gabriella Kibirige
      Way better than expected.

      Excellent value for the money. Heavier than I expected. Very sturdy. The directions are garbage though. Pretty much says "assemble bumper... Cut out plastic middle... Enjoy". You're gonna have to figure it out. Everything fits good tho.... Tight around the edges....Very sturdy. I'm impressed

      Cynthia Petersen
      Not bad for the price...

      I bought this bumper about a week ago, and installed it on my 4Runner once it arrived. It was a "scratched" one so I actually got it for $319 plus tax, that is over $100 cheaper then a "new" one. For the money it is not a bad buy. Only time will tell how well it holds up, but the construction and quality of the finish seem reasonable.I originally wanted a Warn bumper, but at almost $800ish or more dollars it was a bitter pill to swallow for what is a pretty simple steel bumper. I figured if this cheaper "Chinese" bumper option didn't hold up well, I would just use it as a template to build an even better one myself down the road.The bumper weight (85 pounds) is about the same as other similar bumpers from bigger name brands. That tells you that it is constructed from about the same amount of steel as others. How well "Chinese" steel holds up to American made remains to be seen. Making steel is not that complicated, China should be able to make excellent steel at this point. If your being honest, you know a lot of name brand American stuff is Chinese made, but with a bigger price tag.I am not a fan of the fact everything is made in China, but much of it is getting pretty damn good. Good for China, not so good for America... this is turning a little bit into a "Made in China" rant, but stay with me here the ride is almost over.In closing, I think it's important to point out that the instructions are pretty bad, that may be a deal breaker for some people. I am not deterred by that fact, as I am pretty adept at figuring things out on my own.Is a Warn bumper worth $500 dollars or more then this Chinese bumper? I have no idea since I haven't seen one close up, but its hard to imagine this would be the case. For all I know, maybe it's made in China too. The Warn VR series winches are Chinese, maybe the bumpers are too. I actually don't know though... so take that with a grain of salt.

      your De Klerk
      Looks good installed and serves its purpose

      This was a birthday gift for my wife. Overall it is good quality and installation was not too bad, (I am told). I ran out of time and hired a mechanic to complete the work. I did have to buy a wiring kit and switch to complete the install. Also installed a Smittybuilt winch without major problems. Its well built and looks good, LEDs are possibly too bright. Down side- it is heavier than expected and the arm from CG is max. We will have to do some suspension work to make it right. Hope this helps, I am not much of a car guy.

      Molly Stevens
      They could do better instructions!

      Terrible instructions!! No template to cut the bumper!! Contact customer service and they said is a simple cut lol

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